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Salary Report
Salary report is a useful tool for you to analyze and compare your salary to your peers.

First, we analyze your input, such as your employer, job title, years of experience, and city.  This could determine almost 70% of your base salary.  The more information you tell us, the better we can analyze.  Many other factors, such as your education background, professional achievement, could influence your salary and total compensation as well.  Those factors are very individual dependent and have only minor effect on your overall base salary.

Second, we analyze our millions of real salary data, and find the best matches to your profile.  We try to use only verified recent and real jobs salary data to calculate the whole range for a job position similar to yours (e.g. same company, same job title, same location).

Lastly, we provide a broad a range of the salary that matched your profile.  Those salary range covers almost 100% of your job position profile, and a median salary as your standard salary base.  We also calculate how much you rank in your peers based on those calculations.

We have also a national compensation database, that can provide your salary ranking in U.S. regardless of your specific company, job title and location.