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Why Salary List
SalaryList.com is one site you shouldn't miss when you do salary research.

1.  All salary data is REAL.  No fake data.
All SalaryList.com data is collected from government agencies and companies. We don't force any visitors to "submit" or "share" their salary data publicly.  Any forced submission could lead to false data submission, and lead to misleading data published.  We believe most visitors want their salary information be private.

2.  All information and tool is FREE.  No payment needed.
All salary report, eBook, calculator tool on SalaryList.com is free.  Registration is free and all tools, information after log in is free to use.  We don't have any "premium" service that will require payment.

3.  All information is PRIVATE. No data is published or shared.
Any input from you, under your account, is kept private.  We will never publish it.  We understand any sharing could compromise data integrity as we know anonymous data could also mean unreal data.